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instrument Description

Thermo TSQ Quantiva with U3000

The TSQ Quantiva MS is a low-resolution triple quadrupole instrument that provides ultra-low-level quantitation of complex samples. This instrument is utilized for targeted, quantitative analysis of both peptides and small molecules.

Thermo QE HFX with Vanquish Neo

The QE-HFX is a hybrid mass spectrometer that combines a high-resolution, accurate-mass Orbitrap mass analyzer and high-performance quadrupole precursor ion selection making it possible to identify, quantify and confirm analytes of interest in a single analysis. The QE-HFX is utilized for both proteomics and small molecule applications.

Thermo IDX with Vanquish

The ID-X is a high-resolution, MSn-capable, accurate-mass tribrid mass spectrometer for small molecule and lipid identification and characterization. This mass spectrometer is coupled to a Vanquish Horizon UHPLC and is primarily utilized for lipidomic applications.

Thermo Exploris 240 with Vanquish

The Exploris 240 is a high-resolution accurate-mass hybrid instrument that combines a high-performance quadrupole for precursor ion selection with an Orbitrap mass analyzer. This instrument is coupled to a Vanquish Horizon UHPLC and is primarily used for small molecule applications.

Thermo Eclipse with RSLCnano

The Eclipse is a high-resolution, MSn capable, accurate-mass tribrid mass spectrometer that incorporates a high-performance quadrupole, ion trap, and Orbitrap for cutting-edge applications. The Eclipse is coupled to an Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano and is utilized for proteomic applications including LFQ and TMT multiplexing.

Bruker timsTOF Pro2 with nanoElute 2

The timsTOF Pro 2 is a high-resolution accurate mass instrument that combines trapped ion mobility (TIMs) with quadrupole and time-of-flight mass analyzers. TIMs and parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) technology provide extremely high MS/MS speed and sensitivity using minimal sample amounts and PASeR real-time database identification.  This MS is coupled to a Bruker nanoElute LC and is used for proteomic applications, such as label-free quantitation.